Term 3, 2020

Course offerings for the upcoming term. Starting from the week of 27th July

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Anxiety: it's not that simple:

(6 week course) This course guides students to begin to understand some of the causes of anxiety, help them become aware of their personal triggers and explore strategies that help them better manage and re-engage with their world.


This course is facilitated by Melina and Georgina.

Buried in Treasures:


(16 weeks - 8 x 3hr sessions - held over 2 terms):  
A SELF-HELP AND SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. Would you like to learn tips on how to de-clutter and stop over-acquiring from people who know what it’s like? Join us for this group created by and for people who are ready to live a life less-cluttered!

Each week we’ll discuss a skill from the book, Buried in Treasures, and complete challenging and rewarding exercises. We’ll also check-in with our individual progress, challenges, successes, and goals. 

We will be holding an information session to answer all your questions on the 3rd July 2020 from 10am-11:30am (contact: [email protected] for more information)


This course will be facilitated by Peter and Carli. You can read a previous participants testimonials here.


This course is course is a collaboration of ACT Recovery College, Woden Community Services and ACT Health.


Creative Care for Recovery:

(6 week course) Creativity evolves as we experience, create and express! This course is an introduction to art therapy whilst physically distancing. Our educator, J'Qui (Jacquie), will help you to discover all sorts of wonderful alternative art supplies from around your home. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can repurpose into art with meaning.


No experience required.

This course is facilitated by J'Qui (Jacquie)


DoNOHarm: Safe Storytelling:

(3 hr course) This workshop builds your skills to use inclusive language and minimise referred trauma. Explore personal and professional boundaries to stay safe when hearing potentially triggering stories.


This course is facilitated by MIEACT Volunteer, Terri.


Living Grief and Loss; a real journey in mental health:

(3 hr course): There are many different types of grief and many are not related to death. Grief can arise from loss of health, roles, hopes and dreams. Sometimes it is recognised by others but often it is hidden.


This course will give you insight into identifying aspects of grief which may be present in your own life or in the life of those who you love and care for. It provides an introductory window into ways that you can live well with grief as an occasional or even constant companion. 


This course is facilitated by John and TBC


Understanding Trauma

(3 hours) This course will provide an opportunity for people to understand the long-term effects of trauma and the importance of reducing further trauma. Students will learn about the physiological response of trauma and how it affects behaviour and have an opportunity to learn practical skills to assist themselves and others in their recovery journey.

This course is facilitated by Fiona and Ben


Introduction to Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

(2 hrs course over 6 sessions) The course is designed to be an introduction to yoga, meditation & mindfulness (YMaM).


Over the course of each session students will be introduced to yogic concepts surrounding areas of life applicable to mental health recovery (mind, body, soul).

They will discuss their thoughts on the yogic approach to these issues and have the opportunity to do appropriate physical practice (yoga poses, breath-work, meditation) to experience these techniques for themselves and to begin cultivating their own YMaM practice as appropriate for them.

This course is facilitated by Andrew and Karen


Optimising Psychosocial Recovery Under the NDIS

(3 hour course) Optimising recovery under the NDIS is a course that will provide an opportunity for NDIS participants, people with psycho-social disability, their family and carers, the mental health workforce and the general community to understand the role of the NDIS in supporting people to achieve their optimal state of personal, social and emotional well-being.

This course is facilitated by Terri and Terese

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