2020 Enrolments - OPEN

It's with much excitement that we would like to announce our Term 1 Courses for 2020 are now open for enrolment…

Next year we see some of our old faithful courses returning to the program with some invigorating changes off the back of the feedback of past students. Some of these are:

- Anxiety: it's not that simple (6 week course) This course guides students to begin to understand some of the causes of anxiety, help them become aware of their personal triggers and explore strategies that help them better manage and re-engage with their world. This course is facilitated by Melina and Terese.

Community Connection and Belonging as part of Mental Health Recovery:(6 week course) This course will introduce different ways to connect with, and participate in, the local community and discuss the benefits to mental health this can bring. Common barriers to participation, such as social anxiety, will be discussed, as well as some strategies to overcome them. Participants will have an opportunity to build connection and belonging within the group through trying sport and physical activity, craft, cooking, sharing stories and participating in team building activities. In the final session, we will explore our values and interests, research opportunities to engage in the wider community and develop a plan for engaging. This course will be facilitated by Twisty and Shadrack.

- Creative Care for Recovery: (6 weeks course) Creativity evolves as we experience, create and express! This course is an introduction to art therapy, where students will explore topics and techniques to encourage expression and reflection. No experience required. Download the weekly program for more details. This course is facilitated by J'Qui (Jacquie)

- Understanding Self Harm: (6 weeks) Together, through compassionate and open conversations, we can develop a deeper understanding of each individual’s unique experience of self-harm, extending well beyond the common fears and misconceptions that can often prevent such discussions. Anyone with an interest in learning more about self-harm and how to support themselves or someone they know.

We are also super excited to announce some brand new courses that are sure to assist you on your recovery journey. Some of these are:

- Living Grief and Loss: a real journey in mental health: (3 hours) There are many different types of grief and many are not related to death. Grief can arise from loss of health, roles, hopes and dreams. Sometimes it is recognised by others but often it is hidden. This course will give you insight into identifying aspects of grief which may be present in your own life or in the life of those who you love and care for. It provides an introductory window into ways that you can live well with grief as an occasional or even constant companion.

- Finding my Way? Drawing on spirituality and meaning for life’s recovery journey: (6 Week)

You can gain insight and value from this course regardless of whether or not you consider yourself spiritual or religious. Our aim is for you to identify your core beliefs and meaning and how that impacts your journey, whether you are a person living with mental illness, a carer or just curious. We begin with an exploration of what spirituality means and move through a three-stage model giving you skills and knowledge to use in your recovery journey. This course is facilitated by Heather & John

- Mindful Origami: (3 hours) Art or craft is often used as a tool to prompt mindfulness. This course discusses the benefits of both mindfulness and art and craft activities then allows the participants to practice mindfulness (or mindlessness) while colouring an origami paper and transforming it into a 3D shape such as a paper crane. We will also write our worries on paper and transform them into a boat that we can float away from us, helping us to let go of the worries for a while. There will then be an opportunity to make further origami models and a simple story involving an origami boat will be shared with the group. No existing experience in Origami is necessary. This course is facilitated by Twisty

This is just a small sample of what's on offer so be sure to visit our 'Courses' tab on the website to read about all that's on offer and to fill in our online enrolment form. If you would like assistance in completing an enrolment form or would prefer to have one of the staff assist you, please give us a call on 6247 3821 after 14th January or email [email protected] to make a time to come in.

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