Aaaggghh!! Feeling Overwhelmed?

This week I've been hearing from lots of our students about the struggles they have been facing and how overwhelmed everyone is currently feeling. I thought it was timely and really important to address this so you know you are not alone.

There are so many of us going through some new challenges as we adjust to life in a very different way to what we are normally used to. It's not surprising that that brings about a level of uncertainty and increased anxiety.

Lots of us are learning how to juggle many different hats now; the working parent adjusting to the change of working from the home office, the 'teacher' assisting to home school our children (most without any level of teaching background) as well as still being the housemaid and trying keep a household with some level of function about it.

Any one of those tasks is a mammoth effort on it's own let alone combined together... But then just to wind things up a bit more, lets chuck on top of all of that the distressing feeling of being isolated from our loved ones, our support networks and all our usual social outlets - it's no surprise we are all feeling in a state of overwhelm.

It's been a common theme of perceived guilt; feeling like we are not giving enough quality attention to our kids though we haven't been able to give work the full focus it needs either. There are extra people stuck in the house for long periods of time, all getting frustrated and annoyed with each other with no outlet and meanwhile ticking over in the back of your mind is the constant thought that the sink is overflowing with dishes, Mt Washmore is erupting in the laundry and our sanity feels like it got left out with this weeks rubbish bins for collection.

Can I reassure you of something??? You are not alone.

In case you missed that or you need to hear it again,


So many of us are readjusting and doing so in such a rapid and unexpected pace. We haven't had the chance to slow down, put strategies in place or remember to take some time out for self care like we normally would.

Now more then ever, self care is crucial. It's not selfish; it's imperative!! In order to maintain our own mental health we need to be taking extra steps to look after number one, ourselves.

Self care doesn't need to be a whole day at the spa having a full body massage and being pampered (as nice as that would be right now though), it's about taking 5 minutes out to check in with yourself and see how your doing.

It's stopping amid the chaos and taking 5 deep, mindful breathes, its about remembering to have self compassion, it's taking 10 minutes to do a guided meditation, it's doing something creative or whatever it is that helps to ground and recharge you. (Get stuck on what you can do, check out a few ideas on our Self Care Cheat Sheet).

With our physical distancing measures in place, a lot of us are missing that social interaction; the physical touch of being with loved ones that we may of taken for granted. We are craving connection more then ever. Now is the time to be reaching out to those we love and care about to see how they are doing and sharing with them how we are doing. Send a text, make the call or go one better and video call them. See their faces, replenish your cup with that connection of seeing their smile and hearing their voice.

If your looking for social connection and wanting to reconnect with others you have met from the College, come join us on one of our 'Coffee n Chat' Zoom sessions. These are a drop in session held several times a week for current and past students of the College. Jump on and see some familiar faces, check in with how your going, share a laugh and good old conversation - make this your self care during this challenging time.

You can stay on for as long or as short as you want to, contribute as much or as little as you feel comfortable with but from the positive feedback we have been receiving, we are confident you will leave feeling much more connected and less isolated. Follow our Facebook page for when the next session will be on.

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