Bushfire Crisis in Australia

As we are all very aware, there has been some very terrifying moments over the last few months, but more so the last few weeks across the whole of Australia as we have experienced some of the most horrific wild fires on record.

These natural disasters can bring about many mixed emotions and can be very unsettling, even if you haven't been directly affected by fire in our direct community. The constant media coverage, the social media posts (often with some pretty terrifying accounts of others lived experience); it can all take it's toll on our own mental health. Everyone needs support after being in or witnessing an event that may be traumatic, but everyone will be affected differently. It’s important to find the right level or type of support for you.

Given so many people in our Canberra community were affected by the fires of 2003, it's completely understandable that this could be triggering some trauma memories. The image below identifies some techniques to help you can cope with 'Triggered Trauma Memories'.

Triggered Trauma Memories

So what are you doing to protect your mental health throughout this stressful time and forward into the future when the smoke dies down (and apologies for the pun, no disrespect meant at all).

It's crucial to be taking some time for self care, for checking in with loved ones and asking 'Are you ok?' or seeking out support for yourself if you feel you need someone to talk to. We will list some contact numbers at the end of the blog should you find you need someone to talk to.

There are some wonderful resources on the internet that can be a helpful reminder on how to maintain our self care. We have attached some amazing images that could inspire you to be more mindful of self care and how to mentally prepare for a crisis.

What are some of the things that you are doing to take care of yourself and your loved ones mental health through out this challenging time? We are interested to hear from you and welcome you to comment about your strategies.

In the event of needing some one to talk to, please find our comprehensive Mental Health Support & Apps Resource list.

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