Creative Care: Change

In week 5 of Creative Care for Recovery, our students explored the theme of: Change through the creation of a seasonal Self Mask: a personal reflection of their inner & outer masks.

The creative practice for this week was the use of multi mediums on a mask. Using a variety of different materials, students decorated their masks reflecting on:

  • where they were last season, and

  • where they are this season

  • how they see themselves

  • how others see us

  • how we they would like to be seen

Seeing the amazing creations take place in the classroom was phenomenal. Students reported some amazing feedback for this session:

"During this session I enjoyed the creative ideas to express / uncover / explore my self, my life and my feelings. This has been a very enlightening process. Thank you J'qui"
"This has allowed me to be able to create 'artistically' when I have previously had no natural ability'. I'd love to do another 6 weeks of this. I've learnt so much more then I could've expected"
"I've learnt how to use art therapy as a creative way to get feelings and emotions out. It's given me creative freedom, J'Qui has safely guided us around the meaning of our art choices. My expectations have been exceeded"
"This week was about self-reflection, our inner and outer masks. I thought it would be confronting, but it was a kind, gentle process. It felt really safe to look at the two sides of yourself. And the mask starts to talk to you, it was enlightening being able to express myself this way. I couldn't do it if I had to write it down."

The biggest take away for students after this weeks session was that your self-mask can be changed or altered, like any season, it's important to recognise the season within yourself.

Take a moment to browse through some of the truly magnificent works of art that have come out of this weeks session in our gallery...

And P.S. Keep your eye out for Creative Care for Recovery on our next term's calendar... ;o)

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