Creative Care is Self Care

In Week 2 of our Creative Care for Recovery, our students explored the concept that creative care is self care.

Fun facts about creativity:

  • it's a mindful practice, it's in the moment - which is timeless

  • gives you a safe space to process difficult emotions. "Creativity takes courage" (Henri Matisse)

This week students looked at strengthening their outlook to problem solving and giving a different perspective through the use of lines, shapes and symbols.

Students used 3 different techniques in creating these beautiful leaf prints:

'Creative Riffing' - 'many lives within one life' - using one symbol and exploring it in many ways to create it including leaf printing and tribal painting

'Line Drawing' - 'a line is a dot going for a walk' - giving a different perspective

'Circles' - 'a safe container to explore' - mandala

These are the amazing end results of our students - leaf prints

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