Creative Care: Resilience & Growth

In our last session for Creative Care for Recovery, our students explored the theme of 'Resilience & Growth'.

J'Qui asked students to reflect 'be like a tree, stand tall and strong, remember your roots, be content with your natural beauty, enjoy the view'.

Using the tree as their focus, students explored their:

  • roots; where we grow from (adversities)

  • trunk; where we stand today (present)

  • bark; our boundaries (relationships)

  • branches and leaves; what are we reaching for (aspirations)

  • flowers and fruits; what's blossoming today (strengths)

The creative practices that students used for this session included the use of many different textures, string, yarn, paints, inks, natural elements such as leaves or blooms to symbolise the possibility of growth.

The result of this was some incredible works of art that become wraps for the students own little flower pot to take home and be a constant reminder of their resilience and growth. The take away from this session was 'Tree of Life: it can be added to or re-woven at any time, we ARE the tree and how it grows'.

If you have enjoyed seeing the works of our students from the Creative Care for Recovery this term, be sure to keep your eye out for our next term's course list and enrolments. This is one you don't want to miss out on!!

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