Creative Care: Soul Collage

In Week 4 of our Creative Care for Recovery, the focus for the week was on 'Life is a puzzle, we are a unique piece of the puzzle'.

Fun facts about creativity:

  • Art expression is aimed at activating the right side of the brain. This is the playful, impressionistic and more 'fully present in the moment'. Some people say 'I am not creative', Picasso said: 'we are all creative as children'. As adults we: - tend to shut this side of our brain down - in (western) society we spend too much time in our left brain - become analytical, judgemental and highly out come focused

This week J'Qui walked our students through thinking about where they 'fit in'. They created their own 'Soul Collage'. Using a jigsaw piece as a template, they created a collage with magazine images, quotes, etc to become their own reflective puzzle piece.

The results were reflections on their own strengths, what makes them unique and where they fit in (family, community, etc). Students then did some reflective journalling on their creative pieces.

Pieces of the puzzle; coming together

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