'Friends of the College' - Social BBQ

The ACT Recovery College is pleased to host students from the CIT Diploma of Community Services  working towards the completion of a national training competency - “Develop and Implement Service Programs"

The CIT students are doing placements in community organisations to support the development and implementation of service programs in the community services sector and we are pleased to have them on board at the College.

While they are here, they are implementing a 'Friends of the College ' group following feedback from the students around having a space where they can continue the relationships they had developed in the courses and build wider community connections in a environment that they are familiar with.

The students have arranged the first Social Gathering for 'Friends of the College' , with great excitement all current and past students of the College, family, friends and supporters of the College are invited to attend a BBQ on Thursday 3rd October from 12.30pm at Glebe Park in the city. All students attending are encouraged to bring a plate of something to share with everyone.

We would also like to invite you to participate in a survey to assist in developing future social activities groups for students of the ACT Recovery College.  The survey takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and the results will only be used in the creation of these group activities. The survey is anonymous and confidential.  The link to the Survey is:


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