Have you ever sat and watched somebody knitting?

As a passionate knitter, I know how relaxing it is to knit. I often take my knitting with my on long journeys as I am not a good traveller and need to concentrate on something else. But apart from that I don't really knit in public. I know people who knit in doctors waiting rooms, standing in queues and one who even knits in work meetings. While scanning through my facebook, I saw the following video about the benefits of knitting.

The video is from an avid sock knitter who has a website with patterns, tips and all kind of help (I learnt how to knit socks from her patterns and website). The reason this video pulled me in is that it talks about the benefits to the knitter, but also talks about how it can be beneficial to anyone who is watching, something I hadn't really thought about before.

I think that now I know that watching someone knit can be as relaxing to others as it is for me as well as taking a book everywhere I go, I might take some knitting as well. Not sure if I will be brave enough to take my knitting to work with me yet but after looking at the Youtube video below, I might have to think about it.

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