International Guest Trainer - Rachel Perkins visits the ACT Recovery College

On Tuesday 9th July the staff and educators of the ACT Recovery College have an exciting opportunity to hear from international mental health and recovery college expert, Rachel Perkins and undertake further DoNOHarm training.

Rachel Perkins is a leader and change-maker in mental health and recovery from mental illness. Rachel spent 30 years working in mental health services, initially as a clinical psychologist at both the Institute of Psychiatry/Maudsley Hospital and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. She established the first Recovery College in 2009 in South West London and a second College was quickly established in Nottingham. The impetus for these colleges grew out of the recovery movement which developed quite steadily from the late 1980s onwards.

In this training, we will be exploring recovery within the context of mental illness and how Recovery Colleges fit within this model. Rachel will also be exploring topics such as:

- the personal impacts of receiving a diagnosis of mental health problems - the challenge of rebuilding a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life - recovery as a personal journey but not one to be travelled alone - services that support people in their recovery - the 'educational approach' in mental health treatment - Recovery Colleges - principles, practice, partnerships - rebuilding life through participation in a Recovery College - learnings from the first 10 years of Recovery Colleges - impact of Recovery Colleges on culture and practice of mental health services and systems

This promises to be a highly educational experience for all our staff, Peer and Professional Educators as well as our future Educators. In order for all staff to attend and take full advantage of the wisdom and knowledge that Rachel brings, the college will be closed for the day of the 9th July 2019.

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