Kylie's Last Day

Back in February, I told you all that Kylie will be leaving the College.

We had hoped that she could be around for a little longer, but sadly I have to say that today is her last day at the College.

Over the last two years, Kylie has become an essential part of our team. There was so many times, that without her, I think the College would have closed. It definitely would not have been the success that it is without her. She pitches in and does what is necessary regardless of whose job it is.

Kylie started in the College just after we officially opened and she quickly become the face of the College. Her easy, welcoming manner is one of the main reasons that everyone feels so welcome and safe at the College. Her calm and steading presence helped people become less anxious about coming into a new situation and environment.

She is able to do this, even if 10 seconds before we are frantically running around making sure everything is ready for the session to start.

She eagerly took on learning new things including software and then assisted us all. She has such a good understanding of the College and all the processes that I will definitely miss having her to talk to and discuss what is needed.

She is going to be really busy, with her family, establishing herself in a new business and undertaking three different courses of study.

We are grateful that she has offered to be available to assist us if we need to ask her questions.

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