Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Just a quick update on what has been happening whilst I was on leave.

  • Recruitment for the two Manager Positions is nearly completed, the Selection Panel hope to have an announcement before the Christmas break and are hoping that both of them can start in January.

  • Negotiations with ACT Health for the funding are nearly finalised

  • The Recovery College Clinical Liaison position in MHJHADS has been filled, Michael Thwaites will start this week

  • Our lovely volunteer Anuja, has put her project management skills to work preparing a very detailed project plan for the College. This comprehensive document will be one of the guiding documents for the implementation of the College.

We have, after a few iterations, a Memorandum of Understanding for the Consortium and are hoping that this will also be signed by the end of year. However on the downside, recently CIT have decided that whilst they are happy to provide educational support for the College, they cannot be part of the Consortium and are unable to provide facilities for the College. It is disappointing that the management of CIT have come to this decision but we are very happy that we can still work with the educational members of CIT who have been involved in the ACT Recovery College project from the very beginning.

Soooo, we are now looking for facilities for the College. Whilst we can hold courses in any number of venues, the Recovery College will need office facilities for three people and access to a meeting room for the educators to develop and prepare courses. We want a permanent physical location for the College so that everyone will know where to find us. In the interim, MHCC’s office will stretch to accommodate the three additional people, but one of the first jobs for the new manager will be to find the College a permanent base. If you have any suggestions on available spaces , please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page on this website

Whilst work on the College has been much slower that we would have liked, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we are certain that it is daylight and not a train. Things will definitely speed up in the New Year, with both managers on board. So look out for invitations to be involved in both the governance and the educational side of the College.

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