Official ACT Recovery College Branding Announced

We are pleased to launch the official branding of the ACT Recovery College.

This branding was established after consumer feedback showed enthusiasm towards using a symbol that was recognisable to locals in the ACT and a symbol that encouraged feelings of inclusion and connection to the community.

The Royal Bluebell (Wahlenbergia Gloriosa) was announced as the floral emblem of the ACT in 1982. Since then, it has become a recognised symbol of the ACT and has been enthusiastically adopted by the ACT community.

Our vision for the ACT Recovery College logo was to reflect the college’s values and belief that recovery is possible through learning, connection, opportunity and hope. Traditionally Bluebells are symbolic of humility. The Royal Bluebell species name Gloriosa is Latin for 'superb' or 'glorious'. Both words are fundamental elements to the college.

Colours used within the logo are also symbolic of the ACT Recovery College’s four values. Shades of blue, often associated with sea and sky connecting back to nature, symbolise tranquillity, dependability, trust and knowledge. The vibrant greens used within the logo represent growth, renewal, strength and health. Green is also a harmonious colour with soothing qualities for the body and mind.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the development of the ACT Recovery College branding and encourage you to show your support for the first recovery college in the ACT by sharing the new logo with your networks.

If you need a copy of the logo for promotional or media purposes, please contact us.

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