Term 4 Courses Announced

It's with much excitement that we can announce that our Term 4 Courses are now open for enrolment... Yay!!

This term sees some of our old faithful courses returning to the program with some invigorating changes off the back of the feedback of past students. Some of these are:

- Movement is Medicine (6 week course) This course provides practical activities to help you reduce sedentary time and techniques and strategies to help you gain motivation develop achievable physical activity goals. This course is facilitated by Sam and Emily.

- Anxiety: it's not that simple (6 week course) This course guides students to begin to understand some of the causes of anxiety, help them become aware of their personal triggers and explore strategies that help them better manage and re-engage with their world. This course is facilitated by Melina and Terese.

- Creative Care for Recovery (6 weeks course) Creativity evolves as we experience, create and express! This course is an introduction to art therapy, where students will explore topics and techniques to encourage expression and reflection. No experience required. Download the weekly program for more details. This course is facilitated by J'Qui (Jacquie)

- Identifying Strengths (5 hr workshop) This workshop will explore how to identify strengths and how they can be incorporated in our recovery journeys.  It will focus on the importance of hope, relationships and strengths whilst exploring how to apply these strengths and qualities to our lives. This course is facilitated by Fiona and Ben. Please note: Fiona will be facilitating this course with her assistance dog Leo.

We are also super excited to announce some brand new courses that are sure to assist you on your recovery journey. Some of these are:

- Healthy Living: (6 week course) Students will be actively supported each week with a 50 minute training session to learn how to exercise correctly (understanding movement patterns and how to perform them effectively); how to make the most of exercise time and techniques to measure and plan for progression; how to design a structured exercise program that is tailored to suit their individual capacity and needs, with a focus on everyday function and performance. After the sweat out, students will also head to the classroom to learn about the principles of a healthy eating plan and facilitated discussions around the importance of basic nutrition in establishing a healthy gut.This course is facilitated by Sam and Sharon.

- Get Movin’ and Groovin’: Social Sports and Fun Fitness (6 week course) This course provides opportunities for students to try out and learn skills from a variety of activities including rugby, yoga, aqua exercise, boxing, martial arts, and groove. Download the weekly program for more details. This course will be facilitated by Kylie and Emily 

- Overcoming Self-Stigma: (6 week course) This course will explore the manifestations and consequences of self-stigma by first understanding societal stigma and the origins, causes and effects of prejudice, discrimination and bias. Evidence-based content will explore strategies and techniques to assist in overcoming the negative effects of self-stigma, explore the pro's and con's of disclosure and learn strategies for developing self-esteem and self-efficacy. This course is facilitated by Greg and Penne.

- Community Connection and Belonging as part of Mental Health Recovery: (6 week course) This course will introduce different ways to connect with, and participate in, the local community and discuss the benefits to mental health this can bring. Common barriers to participation, such as social anxiety, will be discussed, as well as some strategies to overcome them. Participants will have an opportunity to build connection and belonging within the group through trying sport and physical activity, craft, cooking, sharing stories and participating in team building activities. In the final session, we will explore our values and interests, research opportunities to engage in the wider community and develop a plan for engaging. This course will be facilitated by Twisty and Shadrack.

This is just a small sample of what's on offer so be sure to visit our 'Courses' tab on the website to read about all that's on offer and to fill in our online enrolment form. If you would like assistance in completing an enrolment form or would prefer to have one of the staff assist you, please give us a call on 6247 3821 to make a time to come in.

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