Trauma Awareness and Understanding

Last week the College delivered the first 'Trauma Awareness and Understanding' full day course at the new University of Canberra Hospital in Bruce which was greatly received by all who took part.


The development of this course was funded through a grant provided by the Office of Mental Health and Well-being. The co-production of a 1-day workshop, which has also been adapted to be delivered as a 3-hour session, provided an opportunity for the general community to understand the long-term effects of trauma and explore how the five core principles of trauma-informed practice can be embedded into workplaces and organisational policies and procedures to prevent the risk of re-traumatisation of an individual.

This course was co-produced with a range of stakeholders, including clinicians, health professionals and people with lived experience, both consumers and carers, as well as including different cultural perspectives working closely in a Working Party.


The result of this lengthy process has ended with us having a truly magnificent course that was well received by those in attendance. The full day course is jam packed with a balance of content and skills based practices that students learned throughout the day.

This course provides an opportunity for people to understand the long-term effects of trauma and the importance of reducing further trauma. Students learn about the physiological response to trauma and how it affects behaviour. In the gallery below, you will see a sample snippet of the slides that accompanied the content and student workbook on the day.

Throughout the day students had the opportunity to learn lots of practical skills to assist themselves and others in their recovery journey. Some of these practical skills included grounding techniques, creative expression through making of affirmation cards and the creating of stress balls to accompany their 'Skills Box'. The gallery below shows some of the photos of students doing some of the creative aspects of the course.


After being so warmly received and highly praised by those students who attended, we are pleased to be offering this courses again in Term 2 of 2021. More information to follow in the new year.

Below is some of the feedback received from students in their post course feedback:

"I most enjoyed the interaction, the humour and the sharing amongst students. The delivery of the course overall'

"I most enjoyed the excellent content in this session"

"I really enjoyed the listening, sharing, feeling validated by others. The pace and content were great, oh and making the stress balls was really funny!"

"The Educators were brilliant, very good facilitation of healthy and safe conversation around trauma. Brilliant time management and delivery. AA+++ knowledge of topic and sharing of experiences and expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative elements throughout, it was calming and helped me to focus better"

A big thank you to all of those contributors that have helped shape this course into something far beyond what we expected and an even bigger expression of appreciation to the Office of Mental Health and Well-being for grant.

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