Your feedback is important to us!

Our first term is rolling to an end and we've started to review student feedback. When attending course, we ask our students to complete pre/post course questionnaires. This helps us to ensure we are constantly improving our content. It is important to us to ensure we are providing content that will contribute to positive recovery outcomes, and providing a comfortable learning environment.

We thought it would be nice to share some of the positive feedback we have received from our first cohort of students...

'What did you enjoy most about this course?'

- The friendships that I have made

- Sharing of experiences and different coping strategies

- The feeling of community and being involved

- Supporting each other

- The Educators are so nice, understanding and easy to talk to

- Safe and supported environment

- I feel that my needs were taken in to account which allowed me to join in

- Hearing I am not alone and being validated

- Learning about personal recovery, goals and strategies

- The opportunity to be with other people with mental illness and their carers

- The new knowledge I have gained which will help me to know myself better

- Great presenters who were very warm and approachable using humour to engage

- Lots of fun, laughter and new friendships

- Broken down in to small activities with regular time out

- Very inclusive and supportive

We really appreciate the constructive feedback we have received this term which will help shape the future of our courses. We care about your voice and what you have to say and we welcome any feedback you may have (using the contact form on our website) so...

a HUGE THANK YOU from us!

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